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Worldwide Geochemistry offers geochemical expertise for the evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum systems. Our consulting service includes specific assessments of the likelihood of commercial production in terms of petroleum quantity and quality for oil and gas companies as well as investors and financial institutions.

While many companies find by-passed pay, they also frequently pass-by-pay. The Permian Basin illustrates one of the best cases in the world for such missed opportunities that are easily identifiable by simple geochemical techniques (e.g., Jarvie and Baker, 1984; Jarvie et al., 2001).  Worldwide Geochemistry can identify zones where overlooked pay zones have been drilled through with recognition of production potential on existing or new wells from sample data. 

Science can provide a wealth of data, but interpretation of those data are a key component.  Interpretations citing every possibility are interesting and constructive, but useless without a final decisive interpretation.  Thus, science and creativity must be combined with decision-making capacity which is what Worldwide Geochemistry analysts bring to the table. Classical interpretations are combined with creative investigation of under-utilized analytical techniques and interpretations that may have been overlooked by text-book geochemists. After all weren’t source rocks only interpreted as the ‘source’ of oil, not a reservoir for gas and oil? 

Our clients expect expert risk assessment regarding the success or limitation of their plays or prospects based on hard data.  Successful exploitation also requires the same innovative interpretive advances in petroleum system and shale resource system assessments.  Engineers have become a key client as they utilize the data to enhance their production and recovery efforts.

What specific services do we offer?  These services and interpretations are both pre-drill and post-drill possibilities as well as completion targeting and staging.

  • Interpretation of basic data sets for well evaluation

    • Source rock data (quantity, quality, maturity, kinetics, volumetrics, producibility)

    • Reservoir rock data (oil quality-API and GOR estimates, wax content, producibility)

    • Seal/barrier rock capacities

    • Mud gas, canister gas, and produced gas analyses (gas type, composition, maturity)

    • Oil analyses (fingerprints, biomarkers, SARA for correlation-producibility assessment)

    • Rock brittleness and mechanical properties

    • Core property integration into geochemical results

  • Petroleum systems assessment

    • Basin-wide or regional assessment of all petroleum systems factors:

      • Source rock(s)

      • Expulsion(s) /Migration pathways

      • Trap(s)

      • Seal assessment (overlooked in unconventionals as a barrier!)

    • Basin model predictions

  • Identification of by-passed payzones

    • Interval containing potentially commercial amounts of petroleum

    • Petroleum type (oil, gas) and quality (black or volatile oil, NGLs, dry gas) (API gravity)

  • Engineering and Reservoir properties

    • Producibility factors

      • Petroleum-type: black or volatile oil, NGLs, dry gas

      • Petroleum quality: API gravity, GOR estimates

    • Targeting best zones for optimum flow, drainage

    • Staging zone locations

    • EOR assessment of conventional and unconventional systems

    • Reservoir continuity assessment

    • Production allocation assessment

  • Investment banking

    • Quality of play and prospects

    • Factors and needs for success

    • Petroleum system/shale resource system risk factor analysis




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