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Congratulations to Albert on his EAPCE award!


Dan Jarvie has turned over the reigns of Worldwide Geochemistry to Julie C. Jones, President, as he has joined EOG Resources as their Chief Geochemist.  His new email is

Worldwide’s involvement in assisting clients with conventional and unconventional petroleum geochemistry will continue with Albert Maende. In addition, future products will be announced in the coming months.


Pioneer, Albert Maende, of Worldwide Geochemistry to be honored at EAPCE in Arusha, Tanzania on 7 Feburary 2013. Albert Maende, former Chief Geologist at National Oil Company of Kenya, will be recognized for his contributions in East Africa petroleum geology, geochemistry and inter-country collaboration in East Africa.


Wildcat Technologies to launch a new pyrolysis instrument:


The US EIA (Energy Information Administration) has published data showing that CO2 emissions in the US are the lowest in 20 years… possibly due to (1) a mild winter, (2) lower gasoline use, and (3) from the use of natural gas in electricity generation – all inferred only.  Read More...

Worldwide Geochemistry offers geochemical expertise for the evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum systems. Our consulting service includes specific assessments of the likelihood of petroleum charge in terms of quantity and quality for oil and gas companies as well as investors and financial institutions.

We deliver prospects and play concepts that have been overlooked, under-explored, or under-developed using our expertise in organic geochemistry combined with your geology and geophysical capabilities.

Conventional petroleum systems require some unconventional approaches otherwise potentially productive areas can be easily overlooked. Our expertise in hydrocarbon generation and quality assessments help identify traps with high economic return resources, while avoiding Mother Hubbard’s bare cupboards where traps are large but not charged with oil and gas. We have detailed experience in the Gulf of Mexico and various basins in North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.

Worldwide Geochemistry is the leader in unconventional shale resource play and prospect evaluation. We can predict the best areas for either oil or gas production from tight shales, tight gas sands, hybrid systems, and shallow basin methane. Our shale-gas system experience includes successful plays in the Barnett, Woodford, Fayetteville, Bossier, Lewis, Marcellus, New Albany, and Antrim shales. In shale-oil systems we have been involved in Monterey, Antelope, Bakken, Woodford, and Waltman oil discoveries and development. We can also assist in understanding reservoir charge and compartmentalization in tight gas sand reservoirs.

While many companies find by-passed pay frequently, they also pass by pay. Worldwide can identify zones where overlooked pay zones have been drilled through with recognition of production potential on old or new wells.

We can also assist in analytical protocols and sampling procedures for conventional and unconventional wells as well as interpretation of the analytical data.

Science and creativity are combined in trying to predict where oil and gas production can successfully be commercialized for our clients. Classical interpretation is combined with creative investigation of other potential interpretations that may have been overlooked by text book geochemists. Our clients expect success either in discoveries or in walking away from areas unlikely to yield commercial amounts of petroleum given the economics of the play or prospect.

For assistance in conventional or unconventional worldwide geochemical assessments, please contact: